Suitestation ERP integrator pricing model has been designed after exploring business- specific requirements via extensive survey done by our R & D team. To address those needs collaboratively, Suitestation ERP integrator pricing model has been designed and our main aim is to understand your business requirements and execute clear line-of- sight on the customization and integrated outcomes.
Taking these factors into account, a transparent subscription pricing model has been decided. Also, our advanced ERP integrated business-specific methodology unveils beneficial enhancements and potentials of your standard ERP platform license.
Our subscription can be renewed quarterly.
ERP Connector Subscription Cost (Per Month)*
Amazon Connector225 USD
Amazon-Repricer75 USD
Bundle Pack (Amazon Connector + Repricer)275 USD
Shopify225 USD
Magento225 USD
Woo Commerce225 USD
Shipstation225 USD
Houzz225 USD
AliExpress225 USD
Wish225 USD
NewEgg225 USD
Additional marketplace100 USD Per marketplace
Additional Functionalities including ERP Customization)30 USD Per Hour
Our potent 15+ years of expertise in IT industry and 8+ years of specialization in ERP customization and integration are capable of catalyzing your business productivity. We are one of the early movers in the ERP customization and integration industry. We empower your business and transform your eCommerce with our agile ERP customization methodology. We help you to scale and elevate your business growth. For a more detailed breakdown of ERP pricing options, schedule a free consultation with our representative. Contact us and schedule a free consultation.