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A single lack of communication between your employees or departments can delay or interrupt your sales orders. In a result, you start gaining dissatisfied customer experience. Ultimately, you start bearing loss in your e-commerce business.
With our integration of ERP plugin in your e-commerce store, we boost your browser functionality to never miss vital communication about any sales order processing or transactions. Popup notes help you to inform all the essential information about customers’ orders, sales processes, or order transactions that take place in your e-commerce business.
Popup notes come with the functionality that is built to improve communication between your departments or employees about every sales order process or transaction. Let’s know more about Popup notes.
Benefits of Popup Notes

While placing an order, customer fills their identification and order details. Later the customer filled details and system generated details gets combined and allows access to the e-commerce owners. With Popup integration, we enable your system so as the concerned person in organization can have access to save or to process further.

Once the customer details get updated and saved, the system generates an order form that includes completer customer identity and order details. This information will require confirmation to save the order details in the form of Popup notes and we implement your system to perform such activities.

Once an e-commerce owner clicks on save button to save the order details, gets notified with a display message in the form of Popup window. This Popup window will ask your permission to click on “OK” button to confirm the sales order as well as save it in your system. These confirmation notes can be processes merely by taking recourse of our ERP integration

Once you confirm the order, you will get an order confirmation message as Popup bar that ensures that order details have been saved in your integrated system. With our integration, we make your sales order process more flexible and improved. Now, any of your concerned employee or department can make use this information for further sales order processing.

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Suitestation performs necessary integration in your system that helps businesses to manage their sales order processes in a more effective, and speedy way to ensure hassle-free and satisfied customer delivery.

Through our integration, we craft a platform for e-commerce owners to have proper communication about every sales order update from getting the customer details to till final order confirmation.

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