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Suitestation Amazon Connector for ERP

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Incepted in 2008, Suitestation is one of the leading, most trusted global e-retailer, accepted by many active amazon users accounts, worldwide. Suitestation has delivered more than 100+ successful E-Commerce integration projects, backed by strong customer references from Fortune 500 companies. We flawlessly Integrate ERP and Amazon , creating a business-specific virtual single platform. Bringing the best of both the world, we provide the best in class ERP real-time inventory management services, synchronizing all retailers store products with amazon. Our system is capable of tracking users account, 24/7. Such integration provides retailers a massive online exposure to stock products.

Our Unique Advance ERP amazon Connector Features

  • Cart Abandonment
    With triggered automated email campaigns, re-market the shoppers who abandon their cart in real time.
  • Seamless Integration
    Provision of seamless integration between Amazon merchant accounts and ERP.
  • Market place Integration
    Integrate, manage and optimize merchandise sales across hundreds of online channels, with a single inventory feed.
  • Personalization & Recommendation
    Providing one-to one personalization across entire website, search, and all devices. Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
  • Social
    Incorporate social commerce Buying process, incorporating social commerce for creating unique and engaging interactions with your customers.
  • Predictive
    Tailor customer experiences using continuous behavioral profiling and predictive technology.

Suitestation Amazon Connectors Benefits

  • Single point process automation
  • Scale Business
  • Automatic sync of customer data and payment invoices
  • Real-time Item & Inventory Export, dashboard analytics
  • Sync Orders, Customers & Fulfillment, Shipping methods across Amazon and ERP
  • Update Tracking Numbers and Leaves Feedback on Amazon store
  • Provide variable affordable cost structures for Amazon and other market places
  • Provide markup cost for various shopping engines
  • Easy navigation and granular level item category mapping
  • Advanced plugin and connector
  • Import and export product with custom/store category
  • Catalogue management, reflecting changes at each platform
  • Download Categories/Shipping with status message
  • Track stock levels and pricing
  • High database security with dashboard hosted on Amazon Server with bank level encryption
  • Control over all aspects of business, such as Product Management, Inventory, Shipping, Orders, and Tracking Etc.
  • Low-cost, subscription fee
  • Holistically smarter view for better strategic financial decisions
  • Enterprise-strength centralized integration permitting large volume transactions.

Suitestation Amazon Connectors Features

Product & Inventory Sync

Update product information from ERP to Amazon integrator
Support all Amazon Connecting Product Categories
Update inventory status from multiple locations

Shipping Details Sync

Transfer shipping data to Amazon connector
Sync shipping methods across both system
Support partial fulfillment

Unified stock levels

Manage a unified stock levels across all Amazon marketplace
Neither undersell nor oversell

Products and variations

Single unified interface
Publish product listings to Amazon marketplace

Error Elimination

Reduce chances of errors with automated data entry system for all aspects, products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.

Enhance Customer Service

Our specializations, where ERP will work as an individual customer tracker, respond and capture customers with ease.

Sales Order Sync

Transfer order, customer, and other info from Amazon to ERP
Determines repeat customers
Support FBA and order cancellations

Settlement Amazon Connector Re-pricer

Allows merchant to be in ‘Buy Box’ most of the time
Puts best selling price for the product and
Push new price back to ERP report reconciliation

Payment & invoicing

Accelerate billing and accounting
Automatic generation of cash sales and invoices in ERP

Settlement report reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation of Payments and fees from marketplaces
Reconciled automatically through consolidated journal entry in ERP

Single Point Real-Time Operations

Access, check and make instant informed decisions, with all information available any time at a single point.

Handling listing properties

Designating chosen items to list on Amazon, determining its availability, and establishing a buy now and/or bidding pricing

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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