ERP Customization & Development

ERP Customization and Development Services

Highly scalable in nature-Our customized solutions enables business expansion

ERP development is ideal for any business due to its unmatched potentials for customization. ERP customization boost business operations.

Suitestation has empowered several global and domestic enterprises to forge ahead of the competition, with ultimate customization. Suitestation extracts all the potentials of ERP providing valuable solutions, against the standard generalized connectors.

The Suitestation ERP integration remarkably empowered to accommodate simultaneous occurring business operations.

Every business has distinguished requirements. In order to best serve the business needs, our developers tailor-made business specifications makes a business fit application meeting all operational requirements.

Our security practices protect your mission-critical sensitive information from external threats, combating all software vulnerabilities. Perfectly fitting to your business software ecosystem, our ERP customized services and software comparatively requires more efforts to breach the system. Saving hardware acquisition costs, without debilitating sudden expense to your business, customize business without the purchase of additional hardware.

The scalability, maintenance, and integration into existing business software environment, are advantageous over licensing off-the-shelf software.

Overall, Suitestation ERP development services and custom application provides an excellent foundation building continue the success of your business.

ERP Customization Features

Integration to Other Applications

Whether they are provided by the same vendor as the ERP, or a third party, integration support data exchange and end to end business processes in areas like CRM, supply chain management and product life cycle management

Modification of Existing Functionality

Instead of extending the built in functionality, in some cases, the require function can be modified. This can be performed by changing existing code or by shadowing and replacing it with what is actually needed.

Work Flow

These enable users to select steps in a business process and define their correct sequences, the work flow management system can be internal to ERP system, or an external tool that use programming interface to access an ERP’s already existing functionality.

Functionality Extension

Several business applications in most organizations need additional functionality in certain areas. This can be built-in a development environment internal to the ERP system, or it can be built externally, then integrated.

Reports, Document etc

Generated by ERP system, order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes etc are adapted virtually at every implementation. The complexity of modifications ranges from simple layout changes to complex logic, as per the requirement.

User Interface

These adapt the designs of the screens and dialogues, often to personalize the UI to the way a certain user, or a group of the user, want to view and use the system.

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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