ERP Magento Connector

Suitestation Magento Connector for ERP

Our objective is to empower your business by integrating Suitestation Magento with ERP, leading to optimize business productivity.

Suitestation Magento connector for ERP is one of the most promising ecommerce platforms available for merchants. It is designed to imbibe an efficient core ability via extending it with a business-specific customization.

Focusing on optimize eCommerce sales and integration, Suitestation's ERP Magento connector incorporates a wealth of intuitive enriched insight about customers, what they’re buying.

The customers business needs can be gauged and handled by personalized messages based on their past buying behavior, resulting in better business outcomes. Retailers can run their eCommerce business efficiently, streamline back office operations effectively, and focus on core business productivity.

Suitestation Magento connector allows you to seamlessly transfer/import past-purchase information from Magento into the ERP Platform consisting full order history and specific product purchased details. This creates ultra-targeted, personalized communication and cross-channel marketing.

Suitestation Magento Connectors Features

Real-Time Synchronization

  • Complete historical customer & order details.
  • Intuitively saves website’s browser behavior and social profiles.
  • Enterprise loyalty and segment mappings.
  • Custom attributes.
  • Wish-lists, cart contents & reviews.
  • Resolve and import the dependencies.
  • Tax & Payment mapping, shipping-career mapping.
  • Import the partners and addresses book, the products, the sales orders.

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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