ERP Off-Shore Development

ERP Off-Shore Development

Suitestation entails a rich experience in executing offshore software development considerably at low costs. Our productive practices of offshore software development are gradually becoming a part of business strategy because of its obvious benefits in terms of cost and overhead. Our best practices of Offshore software development provides effective agile end to end business-specific customized solution. Our expert professional team from diverse backgrounds work diligently across industry building offshore products, fully compatible with ERP.
Suitestation ERP consultancy is established as an experienced trustworthy integrating partner focusing mainly on:
Managing project complexities at Enteprise-Level software deployments
Adherence to proven integrating project methodologies

Our services enable following

  • Focus on the core business issues.
  • Spend more time on reallocating capital investments.
  • Gain access to the wider knowledge base and professional resources.
  • Provides you an opportunity to focus back on the core issues of business.
  • Achieve deadline with the reduced time-to market before the competition starts.
  • Can now focus on the efficiency and performance of your business processes.
  • Provide extensive services to your customers and retain customer base.
  • Accessibility to the best possible technology and skilled manpower.
  • Achieves an innovation, quality and continuous improvement.
  • Business works on potential strengths and gears up for the competitive market.
  • Effective communication via sharing weekly time-sheets and reports
  • Maintaining unambiguous communication and escalation channel
  • Engaging clients towards advance planning for future goals
  • Scaling-up resources at any instant of time-frame

Advantages of Suitestation ERP OffShore Development

Optimize capital funds : Our services reduces the requirements to invest on non-core business functions, ensuring the profit to the capital investment. Reduce Cost feature of Suitestation integrated customized solutions are a profound way to achieve a large pool of resources in minimum costs. As per the market survey, outsourcing saves 20 to 40% of your total expenditure on production cost. Following are the areas where business cut down on investment.

Labor cost

When business outsources IT requirements to an offshore service provider like Suitestation, then it saves up to 40% to 80% of the investment on the project.

Variable cost

Our services provide you an opportunity to hire professionals at variable costs, depending on the nature of the work.

Single time investment

Business does not require to make recurring investments on training resources to work on their project or building new infrastructure. It’s outsourcing is going to be one time investment as per the size and requirement of the business.

Free your capital

We apply an intelligent approach to free your capital from regular expenditure on IT infrastructure.

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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