ERP Shopify Connector

Suitestation integrates ERP with Shopify

Suitestation Shopify Connector is a eCommerce single-point solution, empowered to integrate business. We combine Shopify eCommerce platform with the potentials of ERP for the bi-directional exchange of the integrated information. The generation of such compiled consolidated inventory-status in near real-time scenario leads to accurate information, consequently, optimizing business outcomes.

Our Automated solution interface is easy to deploy, fast, and proficient in rendering authentic information, with little or no maintenance overhead. Such time-saving, flawless integration provide a business environment where customer can focus on core business, increasing profit.

ERP Shopify Connectors Unique Points

  • Synchronize data items, price, and customer
  • Almost Real-time inventory updates and order information
  • Unlimited data and users
  • No transaction fees
  • Seamless integration
  • Advance Logistics (Supports almost all 3PL’s)
  • Data integration
  • Secure Transactions
  • Efficient operations
  • Scale to demographic differences, languages & currencies
  • Smarter sharing among team members

ERP Shopify Connectors Features

Synchronize Product and Inventory data between ERP and Shopify

Almost real time export of pricing and products from ERP to Shopify
Dedicated support for several warehouses in ERP
Dedicated support for several item variation, currencies and pricing tiers
Maintaining product catalog in either ERP or Shopify
Accelerated efficiency with advanced logistics like intelligent procurement

Synchronization of Sales Customer, Orders, & Billing data

Automatically sync customer data and orders from your Shopify web store to ERP
Transfer almost real-time customer and order info with your back-end system.
Validates data of repeat customers ensuring data redundancy.
Import billing information for every respective sales order from Shopify to ERP
Dedicated support for recurring orders and multiple payment gateways

Synchronize Shipping and Fulfillment data from ERP to Shopify

Transfer executed sales order statuses from ERP to Shopify almost in real time
Export shipping details, including tracking number from ERP to Shopify for fulfilled sales orders almost in real time
Dedicated Support on partial execution of sales orders
Invoice generation in ERP and/or Shopify

Additional Features

Sync refunds to and from Shopify
Trigger payment capture in Shopify at fulfillment time if doing authorisation only at the order time.
Experience the Brilliance of the Central Control Panel.
Unleash additional reports apart from what ERP provides.

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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