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WooCommerce and ERP are the potential software for your business, however, a lack of integration might cost time and sales opportunities. Why should WooCommerce ERP be Integrated ? Suitestation WooCommerce ERP integration provides the enterprise power of ERP and the Integration to marketplaces nurturing an exceptional retail experience for your customers. Suitestation WooCommerce connectors are specialized in custom integration, resolving cloud integration issues. Business-specific Customization of the eCommerce platform and ERP applications are the backbone for any business. The Suitestation ERP Connector is the only integration solution available consisting of a standard, product and category management. As such we understand a standard connector may not meet all of your business requirements. Our connectors can be customized to meet your individual business needs. Save your time, money and costs by automating WooCommerce store with your accounting, stock, and shipping. Avoid the probability of data entry errors and order mix-ups. Our Integration manages all inventory, fulfillment and financial aspects, and synchronizes customer data, sales order and product information automatically. This helps businesses to streamline back-end with the front-end, optimizing resource utilization. All essential data from your Suitestation WooCommerce store in ERP helps in making the best business decisions. Suitestation WooCommerce ERP integration, automates the following:
  • Sync Customers, orders, & fulfilments
  • Live listing and simultaneous schedule ending
  • Support multiple warehouses in ERP
  • Support partial fulfillment of sales orders
  • Automatically transfers product information, pricing and SKUs

Suitestation WooCommerce Connectors Benefits

Sync and manage Inventory

Manage inventory from the single location, synchronizing across all your stores, and maintaining stock levels in real-time. Sell products on WooCommerce or any e-commerce platform, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, with ease.

Automatically maintains the item’s available, as per the respective sales status in the inventory and accordingly, update the customer’s purchase history, permitting future sell marketing campaigns

Shipping Tracking Sync and Fulfillment

Automatically update the orders in Suitestation WooCommerce with tracking numbers, providers and tracking links, also as the parts of the order get shipped.Just click to print shipping labels and pick lists, track shipments, and notify customers.

Order Management and Customer Sync

Manage order status across entire sales channels from a single location. Automatically download orders, track order status, process returns, and record sales transactions in retailer’s accounting system.

Accounting Integration

Accounting is executed timely, with accuracy in an organized manner. Effectively executes the tax compliant. Automatically post all sales and prices from WooCommerce, marketplaces, and payment processors directly into retailer’s accounting system (via QuickBooks, ERP, or Xero).

Business Analytics

Financial reports accessibility of all channels. View top performing items and Informed about your highly-valued customers.

Full Customization

Our integration is entirely customizable; fitting to your business needs. Maximize your sales potential on WooCommerce pages with ERP. Selling on marketplaces and shopping sites, no longer going to be the difficult process with Suitestation customized ERP WooCommerce pages integration. Stock Levels and Pricing Keep a track and an accurate eye on item stock levels with information shared between ERP and WooCommerce. Also, pricing details can perfectly be shared between ERP and WooCommerce.

Save Time & Money

Suitestation WooCommerce Connector is a value-for-money solutions, allowing businesses to concentrate on core activity, eliminating requirements of heavy investment cost on hardware or software maintenance.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our expertise allows retailers to understand, respond and capture customers with ease, as Suitestation ERP work as an individual customer tracker.

Export Details

Intimating retailer’s Suitestation’s WooCommerce pages customers with shipping and tracking details as soon as you fulfill the orders in ERP. Transfers shipping data to WooCommerce pages and sync shipping strategies across WooCommerce pages.

Error Elimination

Minimize the chances of errors with automated data entry system from every aspect (products, pricing, orders, shipping, etc.).

Category Synchronizations

Hierarchy synchronization via filtering by parent categories or presentation tabs. Can select whether to sync description or brief info from ERP to WooCommerce Filtering and synchronizing the Meta data from ERP to WooCommerce Sync all aspects of ERP website managing categories completely within Suitestation’s WooCommerce Customer Sync Customer syncs performed from ERP to Suitestation WooCommerce and vice versa. Manage all customer data in either location with configurable advanced mapping in real-time. Price Levels Suitestation WooCommerce Connector supports all your quantity based pricing needs. Utilizing the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension, retailers are allowed to control many price levels as per requirements. Also, support multi-currency. Promotion and Coupon Code Sync Generate promotions and coupon codes in ERP and sync in real time. Advanced Promotions in ERP via In Sync Coupon Code Extension in WooCommerce Refunds Process and manage refunds in ERP. Updates Automatically sync to your web

Any add-on features/ functionality not shown here, is available via customization

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